Our Lady of All Nations

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On May 31, 1955, the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of “The Lady of All Nations” revealed an extraordinarily profound message to Dutch visionary, Ida Peerdeman in Amsterdam, Netherlands(Church approved, May 31, 2002), which begins by warning the nations of the world that “Satan is not yet banished” and then announces:

“The Lady of All Nations is now permitted to come in order to banish Satan. She comes to announce the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will only now descend upon the earth. But you should say my prayer, the one I gave to the world. Every day and every moment you should think of the prayer the ‘Lady of All Nations’ gave to the world at this time.”

On Friday, March 18, 2011, Texas visionary and stigmatist, Mrs. Janie Garza (also with ecclesiastical approval) received from Our Lady the instruction to re-circulate the May 31, 1955 Amsterdam message throughout the world, as an urgent appeal from the Mother of all Peoples to all the nations to now once again pray daily the Prayer of the Lady of All Nations for a new descent of the Holy Spirit in our in own troubled world situation.

The global crises prophesied by the Lady of All Nations in this 1955 message are now upon us. The Lady of All Nations wishes to bring unity and peace to the world, but it will only happen through the coming of the Holy Spirit as the fruit of our praying the prayer of the Lady of All Nations and ultimately the proclamation of the dogma of Mary Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces and Advocate by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Please find to the left the “Prayer of the Lady of All Nations” as revealed on February 11, 1951, and the full text of the May 31, 1955 Amsterdam message. Please do your part in bringing forth a New Descent of the Holy Spirit and a new unity and peace for the world by daily praying this powerful Prayer of the Lady of All Nations:


The Lady Appears in Public

In the morning during Holy Mass, I suddenly hear the voice of the Lady saying, “I will come today. Go to the chapel.”

In the evening there is adoration, and the church is very crowded. During the fifth glorious mystery (1) I hear the voice of the Lady saying again, “Go to the chapel.”

However, since the church is so crowded, I don’t dare go, and I remain seated. A bright light comes from behind, from out of the chapel, and goes through the church. I am terribly frightened by this. Now, all of a sudden, I hear the voice of the Lady very clearly, right by my ear. I hear the Lady say, “Get up!”

It sounds so commanding that I rise with a start and walk towards the back. I feel as if I am floating. When I arrive at the chapel where the painting is, I see a sea of light there. I kneel down on the stone floor. Out of that light the Lady suddenly comes forward, more beautiful than I have ever seen her. The Lady says, “Pray my prayer.”

But I am so deeply touched and impressed by everything that I can’t speak. Interiorly I tell this to the Lady. Then she smiles and says for the second time, “Pray my prayer.”

And then she herself starts to recite it, “Lord Jesus Christ…”

Suddenly I recover my voice, and I am again able to repeat her words. Then she lets me continue praying.


The Lady Addresses the Nations

After this, the Lady pauses for a moment and gazes before herself. Then she starts to speak, “I am standing here as the Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.”

The Lady pauses again for a moment, gazing forward. Then she says, as if speaking over my head to an invisible crowd, I promised to come today, May 31. The Mother, the Lady of All Nations, is standing here before you. Today she wants to address the nations.

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