Join the Nationwide Novena for Eucharistic Reparation

Recent years have witnessed a shocking loss of faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. They’ve also seen a dramatic rise in instances of Eucharistic abuse.

The coronavirus situation has elevated these related problems to crisis levels that have left no Catholic unharmed. These disturbing “signs of the times” call for a vigorous and faithful response.

The fate of our Church—and of our nation—depend on it.

Inspired by the rich insights shared by author Peter Kwasniewski in his urgent new book, The Holy Bread of Eternal Life, we are  initiating a nationwide novena to atone for the Eucharistic abuses of 2020 and inspire proper respect and awe for the Eucharist in the New Year.

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Through this communal act of personal penance we are dedicating 2021 as a year for restoring Eucharistic Reverence in the Catholic Church and thereby blessing our country
and our world.

By joining this novena, you are pledging to one or more of the following:

  • Pray a daily Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet
  • Attend daily Mass
  • Fast by skipping one meal per day
  • Give alms
  • Abstain from media

Drawing on both Testaments, the Fathers of the Church, Aquinas, and the Magisterium, Kwasniewski describes the fitting veneration and handling of this “mystery of faith” past and present . . . 

. . . the dispositions we need to cultivate for a fruitful reception of the Lord, and the blessings that follow from a life centered on Holy Communion. At the same time, the book critiques many novelties in modern Catholic worship and shows why they must be set aside for the health of souls and the Church. 

There is far more at stake in today’s debates concerning Holy Communion than what preferences should be indulged or slip-ups tolerated. At stake is whether we truly believe in Jesus Christ, our God, our Savior, our Friend, and our Judge, really present in the Eucharist; whether we acknowledge and accept His lordship over us in every aspect of what we do and say; and whether we will act, react, worship, and pray in a manner consistent with true belief.