Luisa Piccarreta: Gift of the Divine Will

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Every 25th of March, the Church commemorates the greatest event in human history; the Incarnation of the Son of God in the womb of a Jewish Virgin. Of the millions of people on the earth when that event took place, only the Hebrews – a tiny nation – had any reason to suspect what had happened in Nazareth.

For centuries, the Jews had prayed for the coming of a Messiah, a Savior who would establish God’s Kingdom upon the earth. But none of the Hebrews, except for the Mother of God herself, knew when the Great Event occurred. The turning point in history passed unnoticed. The Virgin Mary, the living tabernacle of God, moved among men in silence and obscurity.

Thirty years after the birth of the Son of God, Jesus revealed Himself to the world with signs, wonders, and a divine message. By His sufferings and death, Jesus redeemed the human race and won the gift of everlasting life for all who would believe and obey His Gospel.

To give mankind the power to share in His life, Jesus founded a Church to teach, rule, and sanctify in His Name, and instituted Sacraments as channels of Divine Life for all of His children. At the same time, Jesus taught His disciples to pray for the coming of His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

For almost 2000 years, the Catholic Church has lived the life of Jesus in the world. With differing degrees of success, the disciples of Jesus have struggled to spread His Kingdom on earth. Indeed, the lives of the saints have demonstrated the possibility of a near-perfect harmony between the human will and the Divine Will of the Most Holy Trinity. But who will dare to say that the petition of the Lord’s Prayer has been fulfilled: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven”?

For 2000 years, the People of God have been repeating the Lord’s Prayer petition, just as the Jewish people prayed for the coming of the Messiah from the time of Abraham until the Birth of Jesus. The fulfillment of the Messianic prayers began in secret and unfolded in obscurity. In this article, we will show that the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer may also have begun in secret and that it may well be unfolding in obscurity.

The Grace of All Graces?

On April 23, 1865, in Corato, Italy, in the province of Bari, a baby girl was Rev. 21:1 By Hugh Owen born and baptized Luisa Piccarreta. At the age of 9, Luisa received the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. After receiving these Sacraments, Luisa began to hear the Voice of Jesus, guiding and instructing her.

At the age of 13, she saw a vision of Jesus carrying the Cross and experienced a deep conversion. For the three years, Luisa suffered intensely from diabolical attacks. Undeterred, with the permission of her confessor, she accepted an invitation from Jesus to become a victim soul.

At the age of 17, Luisa began to suffer mysterious physical ailments which defied medical diagnosis. At the age of 22, a strange condition confined Luisa permanently to her bed where she suffered the exterior and interior pains of the Lord’s Passion. In this victim state, she retained no food for 64 years, subsisting solely on the Holy Eucharist.

During this period, Luisa often left her body for hours or days at a time, returning only at the express command of a priest. In spite of her extraordinary suffering and graces, Luisa remained humble and totally obedient to her confessors, one of whom, Fr. Annibale di Francia was…

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