Jesus King of All Nations, Protector against Hurricanes

On the vigil of 9/11, 2017, I was visiting my daughter in Kalispell, Montana, 50 miles from the raging, destructive, wildfires that darkened the setting sun with a haze of smoke. I was also concerned for our winter office in Venice, Florida, on its west coast. Hurricane Irma endangered it. The forecast was for the eye of the hurricane to proceed north and pass over Venice at 2 AM the next day with a wind speed of 115 miles per hour and a projected storm water surge of 10 to 20 feet. If it did, it would have flooded and destroyed our manufactured home office. Last year I had consecrated the office to Jesus King of All Nations and enthroned His image there, as He requested of everyone.

At 9 PM, I finished my daily prayers to Jesus King of All Nations for protection against Irma and I was wearing His medal for which He promised protection. Just before I went to bed, I imaginatively stood on our property in Florida, lifted my right hand as a stop sign against Irma and prayed, “In the name of Jesus King of All Nations, I command you winds to calm and you rains and storm surge to abate.” Then I prayed the Novena Prayer in Honor of Jesus as True King.

The New York Times reported that as Irma approached Venice, its eye began to disintegrate. People told me that they saw the yellow breakups of the eye on their TV screens. The Los Angeles Times reported that at 9:23 PM, Irma’s path unexpectedly changed in direction from due north to north-northeast. It eventually went around Venice and proceeded diagonally across the state to Jacksonville on the east coast.

Irma only grazed Venice with a wind speed of 70 mph and a storm surge of only 1 foot, contrary to the predicted monster storm. Our home office did not suffer from a drop of water or even any blown off leaves and no loss of electricity. It was totally unscathed by Irma. I attribute this to the promised protection of Jesus King of All Nations who is faithful and true.

The Psalm for the Mass of September 12 was Psalm 145, “I will extol you, 0 my God and King, and I will bless your name forever and ever. Let all your works give you thanks, O Lord, and let your faithful ones bless you. Let them discourse of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might.”

So, I extol Jesus King of All Nations, attribute His protection from Irma to His medal, His prayers, His promises and to the enthronement of His image. I bless His name forever and I make this discourse in this article of the glory of His Kingdom and His might.

Some might say this is arrogant of me, because many other people were praying. I’m sure that they were and they might have their own protection stories to tell. However, this is my particular story of praying particular prayers for which Jesus gave particular promises for protection from natural disasters. Some prayers are definitely more efficacious than others, particularly when they are requested or revealed by Jesus and Mary, such as the Rosary, the Divine Mercy prayers and the protection prayers of Jesus King of All Nations. I give all the glory for this protection to Him and take none of it for myself and I encourage others to pray His prayers and ask for His promised protection.

I am confident that He protected our office, because He also protected it from Hurricane Charley!

On August 13, 2004, Hurricane Charley headed for our Florida office while we were at our center in St. Albans, Vermont. It was 3 PM, the Hour of Mercy, and my staff and I adjourned to our chapel and got on our knees begging Jesus King of All Nations for His protection and to spare the office.

As we prayed for His mercy during the 3 o’clock hour, Hurricane Charley suddenly and unexpectedly took a sharp turn to the right away from our office and headed directly for its landfall in Punta Gorda. This sharp turn, in response to our prayers, occurred at 3:48 PM, spared our office and baffled scientists.

Charley was traveling towards our office at just over 160 miles per hour, but suddenly changed direction within minutes of landfall near it. “There was a sudden intensification and a veering to the right of track, and we’re all trying to work out why,” said Mark Saunders, a tropical storm expert from Benfield Hazard Centre at University College London, UK. I believe that Jesus King of All Nations fulfilled His promised protection in answer to our prayers.

Jesus King of All Nations promises us His protection and to mitigate the severity of the chastisements upon our country. He said, “Each time you say these prayers, I will mitigate the severity of the chastisements upon your country. Whenever there is the threat of severe weather, recite these prayers along with the prayers I will later teach you, and no harm will come to you or to those you pray for.” (Journal 41-42). He also promises “mercy, pardon, and protection in times of severe weather and plagues.” (Journal 54). Learn more about His prayers here.

Jesus also gave us the great gift of His medal for our protection. He promised those who wear the medal, “the grace of protection from harm from all forms of My Justice. This will especially be true of danger coming from natural disasters.” This is the only medal revealed by Jesus for protection! This unique medal is manufactured exclusively for our apostolate. Learn more about His medal here.

Jesus promises us His protection, but He pleads with each one of us to change our hearts and to embrace His gift of His Devotion.

However, while Jesus gives us the grace to change our hearts, He respects our free will and leaves the choice to us to accept or reject both His admonition and the gift of His Devotion. He said,

Until the heart of man changes the world will not and cannot change. Greater and greater will be the catastrophes in nature which itself rebels against the sinfulness of the children of men. The earth itself writhes in horror at the weight of corruption and uncleanness it supports. It cries out for justice against its inhabitants. Embrace My Devotion of Jesus King of All Nations for it is a great Mercy given by your God for these most perilous times. Please accept this gift from Jesus and embrace His Devotion to prevent His prophesied chastisements from nature, from man, and from Heaven itself.

He also promised us His protection for enthroning His Image. Learn how here.

Here is a formula for protection, endurance and survival of natural disasters:

God’s Survival Kit: Faith in God’s Protection, Prayer for Protection, Thanksgiving for Protection, Acts of Mercy for Victims and Hope for the Future. As Jesus King of All Nations requested, we should embrace His devotion, pray His prayers, wear His medal of protection, rely on His promises of protection, enthrone and venerate His image everywhere and pray through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel and Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace.