I Just Followed Orders

We know they are lying.

They know they are lying.

They know that we know they are lying.

We know that they know that we know they are lying.

And still they continue to lie.

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn

A month ago, I released an article called The Banality of Evil. The article and the title were based upon the book by Hannah Arendt called, Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. For those who missed the article, it was an overview of a German secular Jew who fled Germany in the 1930’s, and went to live in New York City, escaping the carnage of World War II. Upon the capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina by Mossad agents in 1960, Arendt went to the trial to see Eichmann in person to explore how such evil could exist. She said she needed to see it first hand to try to understand it.  Eichmann had been a chief player in what Germany called The Final Solution which was the extermination of Jews in Europe during the war. Arendt had been a world class political theorist and had written extensively on the origins of evil. She had taught at Princeton, Columbia, Chicago, and in California, among other schools.  Some of her major works were The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), about the roots of Stalinism and Nazism, The Life of a Jewess (1957), which is considered a semi- autobiographical story of the destruction of the German Jewish culture in Germany, and The Human Condition (1958) which researched social issues as they effect a society’s actions. 

The article seemed to have hit a nerve and there was a great deal of response as I related Germany to the United States today. When her book was published on the Eichmann trial it became a firestorm of controversy, especially in the Jewish  community, and she became a pariah in many Jewish circles. She was in essence excommunicated in many intellectual settings.  It was the word banal that most objected to. But, many people missed the nuance of her message as they gave a cursory overview of the book without understanding her reason for the word in the title. Jews who had endured the holocaust from near or afar didn’t see it as banal. Many felt she wasn’t forceful enough. But, the fact was she got it correct. Her explanation of what happened in Germany and what we are seeing in the United States today, have a great deal in common, in my opinion.  At the trial she expected to see Eichmann as a man with fire coming from his nostrils, smoke from his ears, and horns in his head, holding a pitchfork (my words).  However, what she saw was a “bland bureaucrat” who simply went along to go along, where he could climb the ladder of power for a good career. For him it was emotionless and career advancement. Eichmann saw nothing that he did as pernicious or evil.  Many leaders in the Third Reich thought they would be memorialized in history as great statesmen with monuments constructed in their honor.  They said so, and were that delusional. It is career advancement and the love of money that often turn men into such monsters, not questioning the morality or ethics of their actions.

The Banality of Evil deals with many moral and social issues. It is striking how it resembles the moral side in the Christian West over the last generation.  Arendt speaks about the relentless pursuit of efficiency of the German population, how the German Jews were often complicit to follow orders from a godless hierarchy of leaders, and how so few Germans in general spoke up to stop the tide of corruption many saw coming. The sense of normalcy blinded many from seeing where events were moving—then and now. Eichmann’s accomplices in his crime were ordinary German citizens aiding the corruption.  At trial, Eichmann said he “felt guilty before God but not before the law,” as before the Nazi legal system he had not done anything wrong, Eichmann stressed he had been an obedient servant of the state and didn’t want to go against the mandates of the state. Arendt writes about Eichmann, “What Eichmann failed to tell the presiding judge in cross-examination was that he had been an ambitious young man who had been fed up with his job as a traveling salesman even before the Vacuum Oil Company had been fed up with him. From a humdrum life without significance and consequence had blown him into history, as he understood it, namely into a Movement that always kept moving, and in which somebody like him– already a failure in the eyes of his social class, and of his family, and hence in his own eyes as well—could start from scratch and still make a career (page 33). 

Arendt writes what few will grasp of its significance, and the ultimate pinnacle of power and authority behind the scenes. Operating in stealth and deception. It works by promoting recruits who will do exactly as they are told by superiors without questioning directives due to career perks that come with blind obedience. It is Freemasonry. She writes of this power, (“Incidentally, an eagerness to establish museums commemorating their enemies was very characteristic of the Nazis. During the war several services competed bitterly for the honor of establishing  anti-Jewish museums and libraries. We owe to this strange craze the salvage of many great cultural treasures of European Jewry). The trouble that things were very, very boring, and he was greatly relieved when, after four or five months of Freemasonry, he was put into the brand-new department concerned with Jews. This was the real beginning of the career which was to end up in the Jerusalem courtroom (page 37).  

Again, for the readers of Signs of the Times and our articles, there has been a consistent theme on this subject for nearly thirty years. Arendt is clear that Eichmann’s demise came about from his unquestioning loyalty to the authority of the state and his superiors. She makes the direct connection to his rise from the ash heap of a listless lackluster career that had no future to one of promotions, prestige, authority, financial largesse, and stature.  All was enabled and fast tracked by Freemasonry.      

The most common phrase of the war criminals at trial was “I was just following orders.” Therein lies the issue of our day. We see it all around us. It is all about career advancement rather than being a voice for truth. A robotic compliance with godless directives from a neopagan state. Being a voice speaking against the tide of filth, error, and moral injustice to go along, and not interfere with career advancement is the work of the weakling. The righteous with a conscience and virtue are being purged from the ranks of employment in industry, military, government, and other disciplines for non-compliance against a godless state in its many forms. The incompetent will see greater rise and promotion in this transition as talent departs. Left in the ranks will be mindless bureaucrats void of courageous free thinkers for freedom, and expressions of conscience. It is this compliant group that will now be promoted, and rewarded financially for “going along.” The S.S. of Hitler attracted that person because they had already purged those who dissented, and the mediocre and depraved assumed by attrition positions of leadership.  After the war the entire nation had a common cry. Citizens and military alike said they didn’t know what was happening in their country. For those left in the United States it will be people saying, “I just followed orders?” The complicity is bigger than just an experimental serum that is a gene altering injection (many incorrectly call it a vaccine). 

This lack of courage and ethics in our social policies has destroyed families at all levels of government, to our smallest institutions. It has been percolating now for generations. It is not just about this present hour of the injection of this experimental serum. It has been several generations of government overreach and abuse by tyrants in leaderships positions pushing an agenda of godless policies. All the while, many people sat back and didn’t see where this would lead the nation. It has been everywhere at every level that has brought us to today, with government intrusions stripping personal liberties and freedoms.

Removing prayer (1962), and the Bible (1963) from U.S. schools by order of the United States Supreme Court sealed our fate as a nation. That is just shy of sixty years ago for an agenda to evolve, and what we see happening now. Three entire generations of not wanting God in our culture. What we are witnessing today is a direct result of abandoning God. If one doubts that, look what we have become.  This did not happen overnight. This demise has been incremental, where sin went unchallenged and the body became so diseased it lost all life. We have become desensitized as a nation because of sin.  Whether it be critical race theory, gender identity, vulgar behavior in its many forms, family break up, the church and people refusing to speak with courage, or confusion in the culture as a whole, can be narrowed to one thing, and that is sin.  When we point a finger at someone who didn’t speak up, remember three fingers are pointing back at us. We are here because the voice of silence has been tacit consent. Sin became a subject that was rarely addressed, but it is the root of the cultural depravity around us. We forgot God.  It is that profound and that simple in those three small words.  Pundits on TV will talk all day and night about the problems, but not a one will provide a solution. Any talking head can identify the problems, but it is only Jesus Christ who provides solutions to the sinful lower nature of man. 

Words to describe the public and private policies of the United States today are tyranny, totalitarian, diabolical, Satanic, depraved, reprobate, dictatorial, maniacal, dystopian, godless, fascist, insane, lunacy, crazy, unbalanced, demented, bizarre, mentally deranged, irrational, psychotic, mad, and a litany of other words that no longer really resonate with our psyche since they are used so often. They don’t seem to relate any longer to our intellect. The madness has now penetrated to our souls. Evil has taken on a new and much larger dimension. The state of depravity and reprobate nature of our slide to Sodom is picking up speed.  If schools want to teach the history of LGBTQ in our classrooms, they may want to first study Sodom and Gomorrah and ask why it was destroyed.  

I have heard on numerous occasions from friends that they never understood how the German and European populace stayed so silent in the rise and entrenchment of Hitler and Third Reich. They say they now understand. They have watched many stay silent in light of such abuse by government with so many complacent, thus, complicit people.  If you ever wondered if you would have spoken up in 1930’s Germany, think no more if you have remained silent on the large moral issues of our day and not spoken against them. Sitting back and watching the decline in nearly every social milieu was more the norm than the exception.

Government is not an esoteric entity. It is made up of your neighbors, colleagues, and people in your church. The communists upon taking over, first took down the nation’s symbols of its history and the church. They needed to eradicate the past to bring in the new. This is exactly what we are seeing today. Liberty and freedom will most certainly be expunged unless you begin to speak—and act in righteous indignation before fascist tyranny makes the choice for you. The principal agent totalitarian governments use to incubate change is intimidation and fear. Public relations has taught us controlling the narrative is enough to have the desired result, and in this instance it appears to be in total control. The use of intimidation and fear are used to frighten the people to make a decision against their will. After generations of brainwashing children in government indoctrination centers (public schools) they now have an older population that bought the lie. The communists learned long ago, controlling schools was the key for long term change. They have largely succeeded. The globalists took over the U.S. education system in the 1930’s with John Dewey using Soviet principles with great success. We are now in great peril, and close to the precipice.  

The unbeliever is not able to discern spiritually where a nation is headed. Most don’t have the spiritual sensitivity to understand what the Lord is saying to the culture. Unbelievers have darkened intellects and are largely incapable of shedding the light the Lord asks. It is for this reason Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth” (Matt. 5:13).  Salt in all history until the modern era of refrigeration was a valued commodity. It was more precious than gold and often used as money, as food would rot without it. Mariners couldn’t sail without it. The believer creates stability in a society, not the pagan.  Without believers, chaos would be the norm.  Because the believer’s voice has not been heard in the market square for so long, it is precisely for this reason we are watching societal deterioration and rapid decline. 

The corona virus lockdown has made people take pause and listen more to alternative news. Many are no longer subscribing to the globalist media campaigns of propaganda which has been a benefit. There is now greater involvement than in the past. It took a crisis for them to engage.  People having less alternatives for entertainment and socializing has enabled them to evaluate their lives, and how they have been fed a steady stream of lies over the years. This has been one positive aspect of slowing down. Absorbing information they would normally not have heard with busy lives has made them more aware. A major benefit is people are seeing evil being exposed on a more widespread basis. As a result, more people are speaking out fearlessly, and finding their voice against tyrannical mandates and abhorrent government policies of every kind. This is very encouraging and must continue.  

                                               Jesus I Trust in You