Birth Pangs and A Divine Mercy Promise

“You will know you are in the times spoken of by the events themselves.”
-The Blessed Mother to Father Stefan Gobbi, Milan Italy, the Marian Movement of Priests.

If there has been a long-term relationship with a group of people that share the same values and past history, there is generally some sort of similar thinking.  We like being around people with our views, and it is where friendships are forged.  Whether it be people in corporate life or war buddies, they often share the same bond and outlook.    

When people gather and talk of the Blessed Mother’s apparitions, they instantly identify with each and become fast friends.  At the level of their soul, they share the same ideology and outlook on life. Yes, there may be nuances and some differences, but generally they see the world through the same prism disbursing its light to the world.  Believers share a bond past the human condition that goes to the eternal. They see the Blessed Mother as the North Star directing us to our eternal reward.  They also know that if the words come directly from Her through an approved and reliable source, they will never go wrong. 

With the coronavirus firmly in our midst, we again see major differences many believers have with so called “government experts.” 

At the early stages there wasn’t distrust of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and other “health experts.” As President Trump has given his press conferences on a daily basis, people began to do research on the health team by his side, and unsavory data came to light about their previous relationships and projects. People have begun to realize that the CDC is essentially a privately run corporation controlled by Big Pharma under the auspices of a government agency in the National Institute of Health.

What they found was a cabal of people with the same ideology of Big Government run by Big Pharma tied to both political parties looking to have greater government control over civil liberties. At the center of that cabal were people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates who have been in collaboration for decades. Flags started going up that they seem to have an agenda under a perfect storm scenario, and believers instantly became skeptical of what they were hearing again from “the experts.” Believers are aware that aborted fetal cells are in many vaccines that have ruined many families, and they have a legitimate distrust of government. So when they hear that government will mandate another vaccine it is like a red flag in front of a raging bull. To mandate a “digital certificate” or “immunity passports” for maintaining any status in society has played into their worst fears. Believers worldwide know it can lead to ominous consequences if there isn’t state compliance with many in government that have an antichrist mentality. With this virus, it is plausible to see a Nazi like enforcement coming into reality under an umbrella saying, “This is good for you, this will protect you.”

The reason for the radical divide with ideologies at its root is “What is the role of government in our lives?” Liberals want more of Big Government, conservatives less. With the open architecture of the internet, someone can now get as smart as they want, as quick as they want on just about any subject. What believers have come to know and understand is there is a nefarious evil agenda to enslave mankind and make people a ward of the state from cradle to grave from an evil cabal in high places in government. They have been embedded now for generations perpetuating evil programs.

At the center of the issue is some liberals don’t want God anywhere in the State, the Family, the Culture, or the Church. Once a believer begins to understand that, the bread crumbs are easier to follow and where they lead. On Good Friday Governor Ralph Northam, (D-Virginia) signed an extreme abortion bill legalizing infanticide into law–a Good Friday signature. If people are not realizing how intense this spiritual battle is, they soon better become more engaged before all rights are completely stripped away.  

Of all days, the experts said the virus was to peak was Easter Sunday.  The virus had been around for several months, and the medical experts determined it was to peak Easter Sunday.  A day premeditated as an excuse for law enforcement to keep people away from church to minimize their role. Yet, liquor stores and Planned Parenthood are deemed essential services and allowed to remain open.  This is a giant step for the globalists to further erode civil liberties forcing a vaccine and then requiring people get a “digital certificate” before they can return to schools and work. A forced vaccination, and then “show me your papers” reminiscent from Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Many believe there is also an agenda to insert a chip in the vaccine to track people through Big Tech.  Scientists at MIT in cooperation with Big Pharma and Big Tech have developed a hand held device to scan an individual to determine if they have received vaccines.  No vaccine, no entry. With a virus, the globalists played their hand brilliantly looking to simultaneously destroy the Church, and the economic systems of the world at the same time. Evil genius. If the virus subsides, they will say it was due to containment that worked through their efforts.  If it spreads, they will blame Trump that he jumped the gun not isolating people long enough. Either way, they win—for the short term.

Here is the big disconnect on the most important issues of our times.  We presently have an economic collapse leading to the biggest unemployment since the 1930’s. Civil unrest awaits us. Blue states are now aligning with other blue states working on agendas in unison much like the north and south aligned for the Civil War. The liberal agenda is to silence the pulpit of all denominations because the Church is the last obstacle to world government. A percentage of the populace is educated now on just how evil this embedded bureaucracy (the deep state) is in our government at all levels, and they can’t be trusted.  They ask, “Is this another ruse to crush individual liberties telling the people it is for their best interests to socially isolate while bankrupting them? Is this another calculated evil agenda to usurp more rights growing government at all levels and increasing taxes and bankrupting families?  The question being asked by a disbelieving percentage of the public, “Is this real?” We are now in real time watching the perfect storm of an evil cabal to gain more control.  

We are in the midst of a transition in the world that happens only several times a century.  There are events that cause a civilization to involuntarily pivot in another direction. The last pandemic was 1917-1919, and it altered the landscape of the world economically and socially. World War II set up the United States as a superpower.  America was then firmly enthroned as the reserve currency of the world with the ability to print money on the whim of desire for any reason, and for any project, with size inconsequential.

However, the end result of this mess that we can’t clearly see at the moment, is Heaven is exposing evil throughout the world. It is painful to go through, but necessary to get what Heaven has planned for humanity. Much good will come from this difficult time.

All of the data points to a transition spiritually now. Marian believers are largely of one mind major changes are on the horizon. We are presently headed to a New Era, a New Pentecost, New Times, and a New Jerusalem.  Each of these words indicate a change, and each have a slightly different meaning. It is not the end of the world as a skeptical detractor would say, but the end of an era. The collapse and restructuring of the world economy coupled with the desecration of the Church will have profound and long lasting implications. 

The Blessed Mother through Father Stefano Gobbi of Italy as head of the Marian Movement of Priests on November 15, 1990, from Malvern, PA., gave a message to America called The Hour of the Great Trial.  It partially reads, “And now I announce to you that the hour of the great trial is on the point of arriving. The great trial has arrived for your country. How many times, as a concerned and sorrowful Mother, have I endeavored to urge my children to follow the path of conversion and of return to the Lord… You will know the hour of weakness and of poverty, the hour of suffering and defeat, the purifying hour of the great chastisement. The great trial has arrived for your Church….The great trial has arrived for all humanity…”

Father Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) while teaching in 1969 at Regensburg University in Germany stated, “The Church will be restructured with far fewer members that is forced to let go of many of the places of worship it worked so hard to build over the centuries. A minority Catholic Church with little influence over political decisions, that is socially irrelevant, left humiliated and forced to start over… A great power will emerge from a more spiritual and simple Church… from today’s crisis will emerge a Church that has lost a great deal. It will become small and will pretty much have to start all over again. It will no longer have use of its structures it built in its years of prosperity. The reduction in the number of faithful will lead to its losing an important part of its social privileges. It will start off with small groups and movements, and a minority that will make faith central to experience again… It will be a more spiritual Church, and will not make a political mandate flirting with the right one-minute, and the left the next… It will be poor and it will be the Church of the destitute.” 

On day seven in the Novena of Divine Mercy it reads:

“Most Merciful Jesus, whose Heart is Love Itself, receive into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls of those who particularly extol and venerate the greatness of Your mercy. These souls are mighty with the very power of God Himself. In the midst of all afflictions and adversities they go forward, confident of Your mercy; and united to You, O Jesus, they carry all mankind on their shoulders.  These souls will not be judged severely, but Your mercy will embrace them as they depart from this life…”

As turmoil on many levels affects our lives, we are encouraged by the Lord through Saint Faustina in the prayer of the Novena,

“Eternal God in whom mercy is endless, and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us, and increase your mercy in us, that in difficult moments, we might not despair, not become despondent, but with great confidence, submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself, Amen (950).

                                           JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU

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