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Our Lady Calls Us to Pray and Fast Now

We are living during the greatest battle of our time for the heart and soul of America. There are two forces in this battle: Satan and his minions are pushing for destruction, chaos, division and ultimately communism for America and the world.


It is in the still small voice we hear God, and this slowing down will save us all in the long term. We need to see the permissive Will of God in this situation at the moment, and grasp the perspective of Heaven. There will be a lot of good to come from this. History repeatedly tells us in times of stress, is where the saints are made.

The Power of the Rosary

“…the Rosary is my Power…It is the weapon which you must make use of in these times of the Great Battle….” It is the chain with which she promises to bind Satan. “Every Rosary which you recite with me has the effect of restricting the action of the Evil One, of drawing souls away from his pernicious influence…”

Pray to Our Lady of America for Our Country

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Indiana to Sister Mildred in 1956 and identified herself as “Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin.” She asked for purity and promised peace and protection if we responded to her requests.

Discerning the Signs of the Times

There are various trials and tribulations particularly in the economic world occurring today. There has been a great deal of talk of the plunging stock market, the Dow, the credit crisis, bank trouble, financial problems, the real estate market is down and people are losing jobs…

Our Lady of All Nations

On May 31, 1955, the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of “The Lady of All Nations” revealed an extraordinarily profound message to Dutch visionary, Ida Peerdeman in Amsterdam, Netherlands(Church approved, May 31, 2002), which begins by warning the nations of the world that “Satan is not yet banished” and then announces:

Andy LaVallee on Fasting

Live the Fast Founder Andrew LaVallee presents to seminarians during Lent at St. John’s Seminary.