Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy After Suicide

Every one of us has known someone who took his or her own life, or someone whose life was affected by the suicide of a loved one. It’s so difficult to face this reality, and often people despair. Many give up hope for those who have committed suicide and believe their souls are lost.

St. Maximilian Kolbe

Polish priest, Saint Maximillian Kolbe, was born on January 8, 1894 in Poland. During WWII, he provided shelter for 2,000 Jews whom he hid from Nazi persecution in his friary. On 17 February 1941, Kolbe was arrested by the Gestapo …

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Consecration to Divine Mercy Starts March 1st

Do you want to help save the world? Do you want to help bring the world back to God? Do you want to cause an ocean of mercy to overwhelm the raging inferno of hatred, violence, and war that have engulfed the world at this time? Well, you can. Better yet, we can.

The Consecration of the Family to the Divine Mercy

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I come from a very strong Catholic family that live their faith and are outspoken and open with their faith. At the dinner table, we often speak about God without resistance or resentment from members. What we have as a family was and remains unique in our world today.