Hostage to the Devil

Hostage to the Devil


Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans By: Malachi Martin A chilling and highly convincing account of possession and exorcism in modern America, hailed by NBC Radio as “one of the most stirring books on the contemporary scene.” “In the barrage of books on possession and exorcism, this is undoubtedly the most authoritative and convincing.” — The Washington Post Book Review “Martin is above all serious. He is not speaking about madness, about illusions or the irrational, but about the real beyond all reason…. He presents exorcism as … a titanic clash of wills that threatens the lives, the sanity, even the souls of all attending.” — Newsweek “Martin’s polished contemporary sense of traditional theology entices even the skeptical…. Stunningly pertinent …Will set you thinking-and thinking-and thinking.” — Detroit News “The most shattering book on demonic possession isn’t fiction at all but Malachi Martin’s spellbinding work of interpretive reporting.” — New York (Sunday) Daily News View more 457 pages


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