DVD: Vaccines: Risks, Responsibilities, and Rights

DVD: Vaccines: Risks, Responsibilities, and Rights

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Vaccines : Risks Responsibility and Rights

This Breakthrough and Informative DVD Series on Vaccines is a 6-Part DVD Series Over 5-Hours Long.

Part 1: Vaccine History, Polio and the Decline of Life-threatening Diseases (1hr 11min)
Part 2: Natural Immunity Basics (40min)
Part 3: Man-made Toxic Ingredients in Vaccines and Medical Studies Documenting Injury (1hr 28min)
Part 4: Herd Immunity Deception: Do Vaccines Protect and Can Vaccines Cause Outbreaks (30min)
Part 5: Vaccines and Autism: Has the Study Been Done and Have All The Vaccines Been Examined and Can Vaccines Cause Autism? (35min)
Part 6: Congressional Hearing on Autism, Influenza vaccines, HPV Vaccines and More (56min)

Mary Tocco is an Independent Vaccine Researcher and Public Speaker. Mary has exhaustively researched vaccines for over 30-years.


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