DVD: Science Tests Faith - Following the Trail Of The Blood Of Christ

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Hear the Story unfold as Science finds: Blood & Flesh, Human DNA, Heart Muscle and White Blood Cells, all in a Bleeding Consecrated Host as the Truth of the Eucharist is revealed by Science! Yet science cannot produce a detailed DNA profile from not only the Host but also from a bleeding statue of Christ. These intriguing and very extraordinary scientific findings are presented in detail in this DVD by compelling and thought provoking witnesses to their faith, Ron Tesoriero, attorney and documentary producer, and Mike Willesse, senior Australian TV Investigative Journalist, who build a powerful fact-based case for belief in the Eucharist. The DVD includes their September 2009 USA presentation and exclusive interview covering the scientific results of these Catholic Church commissioned investigations into a bleeding statue of Christ and a recent Eucharistic miracle. The DNA and forensic studies present a strong testimony for a renewed love and belief in the true presence of Jesus in this Most Holy Sacrament.
Also on this DVD are PDF files of Catalina’s books in both regular and large print versions. Just insert the DVD into a computer DVD drive and open the “Book_Menu” file on the DVD to select and read/print the books for free.


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