DVD: A Voice for LIfe


While there are many people speaking out against abortion, there are very few people who have lived through an abortion. Melissa Ohden belongs to that small group of people: she survived an attempt on her life before she was born. Melissa doesn’t see herself as a victim—but as a survivor—because of the Lord’s hand on her life. She now represents children who have been aborted, speaking out on their behalf. She also provides support to women who have had abortions. Melissa gave birth to her first child at the same hospital where her mother had had the attempted abortion. When speaking of her child, Melissa stated, “I can’t imagine what the world would be like without her.” Melissa was given life, and she has chosen to speak on behalf of the many children whose voices have been silenced. The purpose of this documentary is to encourage those considering abortions to choose life and to help those who have already had an abortion to start the healing process. It has also turned people who were pro-life “in name only” into active supporters of the pro-life movement.


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