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28th International Week of Prayer and Fasting is Virtual!

We are very excited to announce the FIRST EVER Virtual Prayer and Fasting Conference for our 28th year! From October 12-20, 2020, we will have over 20 speakers, live Mass every morning, the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and Adoration.

Navigating Tough Times, Part 2

Daily Mass should be the bedrock of our spiritual life, to the extent we are able to assist at the Holy Sacrifice. The Church does not require daily assistance at Mass of us: we are obligated on Sundays and holy days of obligation, unless we are dispensed. Yet the Church’s saints and doctors have always recommended daily assistance, and they advise us to attend with a missal in hand. Why?

Our Lady Calls Us to Pray and Fast Now

We are living during the greatest battle of our time for the heart and soul of America. There are two forces in this battle: Satan and his minions are pushing for destruction, chaos, division and ultimately communism for America and the world.

Masses for the living, too!

Is a Mass offered for one who is still living more powerful than a Mass celebrated for that person after he or she has died?

Navigating Tough Times

Souls that thrive in times like these are deeply rooted in prayer. They spend part of every day in personal prayer and adoration. Perhaps they have access to an open church; perhaps they pray from home. But pray they do.

Pray for Our Country: Novena to St. Anthony

On one occasion, a visitor saw Anthony enraptured and holding the infant Jesus in his arms. The two seemed to be surrounded by a heavenly mist. The report of this vision inspired many depictions of the saint after his death. He is often shown in art holding the infant Jesus in his arm because of this famous apparition with the Christ child.