The 9/11 for Europe

Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), the French stigmatist, mystic, and victim soul, gave a prophecy on December 8, 1874, that may now apply to our day.  She bore the stigmata from the age of twenty-three until her death.  She said,  “In Rome the storm will be the blackest.  The storm in Rome is worse than the storm in France.  All the wrath of the ungodly is in Rome.  All the anger of the wicked is focused on the Holy See.  But, the chastisements will begin in Paris. 

The term icon in the last ten years has been an overused word.  However, Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral in Paris embodies the very definition of the word icon.  Construction started in 1163 under King Louis VII of France, and was completed nearly two hundred years later in 1345, on the Ile de la Cite’ in the middle of the Seine.  All distances in Paris originate from Notre Dame.  France is the Elder Daughter of the Roman Catholic Church, and the church is symbolic of its past faith.  What went up in flames was old Europe.  The stone slabs of Notre Dame reflect the heart of a nation, and western civilization itself.  Notre Dame IS Paris, because so much was built around it –and because of it.  It survived warring nations in the middle ages, the French Revolution, Napoleon’s exploits, two World Wars and a very aggressive Nazi state.

Anyone who has been to Paris remembers its Gothic architecture and flying buttresses.  To see the Notre Dame Cathedral while on a boat on the Seine was breathtaking and inspiring. Notre Dame embodied past generations of Christendom, not just France.  The Camino in northern Spain was similar to Notre Dame in its significance of religious heritage.  It is a little over 850 years old, and to put that in perspective, Saint Augustine, Florida the oldest city in the United States was founded in the year 1565, and Jamestown Virginia 1607.  The cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol was laid in 1793.  Yes, Notre Dame has been around for a long time.

What Notre Dame once was, it is no longer.  Nor is the faith of its people.  It is a shell of its former self and a faithless one at that.  The world is in a state of shock because in our souls we know an era has passed.  Approximately three percent of Parisians today identify with orthodoxy and go to church.  For them it is culture, not heart or soul.  It became a cultural icon in the past several generations and is now relegated to a tourist attraction, and more of a museum and cultural heritage site, rather than what was in the heart of its French pilgrims and visitors who sojourned there to see its magnificence.  FAITH made Notre Dame what it was.  

Its aura was wrapped in the soul of man to touch God.  People have converted standing in front of it.  Its architecture reflected what was in the heart of man seeking the transcendent.  It elevated the spirit of man to gaze upon it.  The commitment of heart, mind, soul, sweat, and faith built it to the glory of God.  That was replaced long ago to a state profiting from tourist dollars benefiting the many café’s near and outside the banks of the little Ile as a tax benefit for government coffers.  The fact is faith has little to do with the structure today to the vast majority of people who enter its sacred walls.  Go to any great shrine in the world today, and you will see the see the same.  Many people see the beautiful buildings of a by-gone era, but not the soul of a people of  WHY they built it.  They do not understand the meaning of its contents.  That is our disconnect in a world increasingly distant from God. 

The shock of seeing the spire fall to the ground in real time on television against a darkened sky and the subsequent mourning of people, will be etched in minds for decades as those who saw images of the Twin Towers collapsing on 9/11.  Those of faith will remember where they were.  With the Pentagon and Twin Towers falling, mankind knew in their hearts the world had changed.  That created the emotion.  It would have been different if lightening had struck the Twin Towers, and Notre Dame.  It was so dramatic because everyone knew that the world would be different from that day on because warring factions of religion and strong ideological differences is a strong factor with no remedy in sight.

The same applies to this.  France has changed, Europe has changed, and so has everyone.  It has to do with race and different religions. The Muslim invasion to take over Europe is at the heart of the conflict.  Migration, invasion, legal, and illegal immigration, and caravans are the beating heart of the issue.  Muslims and Arab nations are using mass migration to take over the world for Allah.  Oil rich Arab nations are taking in virtually no migrants (zero) but choosing to promote Islam through invasion.  It is a jihad, and the west is walking in a daze and hoping it goes away.

Let’s see how far logic brings us.

— Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya (President, deceased) said thirty years ago that Islam would take over Europe without a shot being fired due to mass migration and flooding Europe with migrants.

— Much like parts of Scandanavia now, there are whole suburbs in Paris that are “no go zones” for police due to possible violence against the “intruder and infidels.”   Streets in heavily trafficked suburbs have been closed for decades at the call to prayer. 

— In 2016 a car carrying seven gas cylinders were found near Notre Dame.  ISIS has continually said Notre Dame was a target as is St. Peter’s in Rome.   As the Twin Towers and Pentagon were symbols of the power and might of New York and the U.S. military, Notre Dame is a symbol of western Christianity. 

— The intensity of violence in all Europe is increasing against Christian and Jewish establishments by the year.  At Notre Dame des Enfants in Nimes, the Consecrated Host was found in garbage outside the church, and human feces was drawn as a sign of the cross. 

— In the year 2018, 875 French churches alone were vandalized. 

— In March 2019 Saint Sulpice, and eleven other churches were vandalized, with damage to one alone estimated at over 200 million euro’s. 

— Le Parisien reports in March of 2019, a 41 year old Pakistani immigrant is on trial

for vandalizing the Saint Denis Basilica housing many of the tombs of past French Kings. 

— Benjamin Mouton, the Chief Architect of Notre Dame said on French TV that in no way was this an accident.  He said the fire broke out in an area where there was no renovation.   

— In 2018, there were according to the French police 1,063 acts of violence against Christian and Jewish establishments.  That is an average of 89 per month.  Similar reports are now being reported all over Germany, and the world.  A German report in November 2017 said in the Alps area alone, 200 churches were vandalized.  If the fire was an accident, so be it, but the vast percentage of Americans don’t believe the U.S. government sponsored 9/11 Report either.  If anyone believes the U.S government position, just ask gently, “how did Building 7 fall 6 hours later?”

U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota (D) has openly attacked the Christian views of Vice President Mike Pence.  Thirty-seven years old and born in Mogadishu, Somalia, she states that his view of Christianity is unacceptable to her Muslim views.  After the attack, Cardinal Sarah said, “If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians.  My country is predominantly Muslim.  I think I know what reality I am talking about.  Islam will invade the world being ‘invaded’ by migrants and will completely change cultural, anthropology and moral vision, and the West will disappear.”   However, globalist western leaders are welcoming the migration for the new world they wish to mold in their image.

If you have a different political opinion than many Muslims, you are labeled a racist or a bigot.  Muslim leaders are schooled in classrooms and café’s around the world how to speak to the press and the general public to control the narrative.  Listen to just about any talk show and you will see them talking over the opposing view hammering the message of intolerance if one disagrees with their talking points.  

The Twin Towers and the Pentagon were symbols of U.S financial and military strength.  When hit, it showed their vulnerability.  The abandonment of faith in the west has allowed this to happen not realizing faith can be lost when not taught correctly.  Let’s be very clear here now in the year 2019, the west is pagan by biblical standards, and child killing is the number one indicator of that fact.   We are now two to three generations removed in the west from proper education in the faith, and this is our result. 

The above refusal of many people reminds one of the stated intentions of the Nazi’s to eliminate Jews in Europe in the 1930’s to early 40’s.  It was a carnage like nothing in all of history, and many people refused to admit the truth.  Millions of deaths later, they lamented that the signs were ignored.  Kristalnacht (the night of the broken glass) in November 1938 was a mere two day duration in Germany.  The above incidents of Muslim violence are now in the multiple thousands across all Europe, and people refuse to see the threat.   In the European Union today, it is anathema to mention God in the public square, yet in times of crisis we seek His protection.  

However, the fact is that many people believe that the U.S. is largely to blame for sticking its nose in places it was not wanted.  First and foremost, it was the Iraq War staged by the United States and the neocons from the People for the New American Century (PNAC) fabricating a war in the Middle East, using the excuse Saddam Huessin had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).  The charade of uranium from Niger with the Valerie Plame story proved to be a lie.  The U.S. wanted a war to remake the world into its image of what ought to be.  Pres. George H. W. Bush (41) in his message to the joint members of Congress said twice, “The New World Order, a big idea.”  The goal of the global elite is to merge all nations into a utopian dream without borders or sovereignty.  The Bush Administration (43) used former Secretary of State General Colin Powell to deliver the lie of uranium from Niger was in Iraq before the U.N. General Assembly, thus an invasion was necessary.  There is a game being played far above the heads of most, with people who want war and unrealistic aspirations for mankind.   At the heart of the matter is a Luciferian agenda dating back to Genesis with Satan saying, “I will not serve.”

Some people believe that the Notre Dame Cathedral fire is about the spiritual chaos and upheaval in the church.  So goes the family, so goes the church, and so goes the world.  The family and the church are under a great spiritual and diabolical attack. 

A friend sent me a reflection on the fire he picked up off the net.  It reads, ”First, what survived the fire?  The cross, the altar, and the crown of thorns.  Consider this for your own life, when our lives will be burned up and everything turned to ashes, what will survive?  Will it be the crosses that made you holy, the altar where you offered yourself to God as a living sacrifice, or the Crown of Thorns in humility you wore that you may be worthy to wear as glorious crown of gold. 

Second, the outside of the church looked completely destroyed, while the inside remained intact though damaged— a fitting metaphor for the universal Church. But, to those on the inside, we know that while damaged, it can never be destroyed.  

Finally, the fire at Notre Dame is a powerful symbol of what is happening in Europe, and soon the United States.  The flames of secularism seem intent on destroying it.  Will a new generation rise up to save not their cultural heritage, but their very faith itself? 

Jesus was clear that the gates of hell will never prevail against the church.   That is our hope — that is our destiny.