Messages to Pedro Regis About the Papacy and the Church, Part I

May 9, 1995. Message 951 (in Venice)

Dear Sons and Daughters, I invite you to pray for the conversion of sinners and lovingly live the messages I have already transmitted to you! And pray in a special way for My first beloved son, Pope John Paul II! Know, all of you, that the Church of my Son will pass through a crisis such as has never been seen. Cardinals and bishops will turn against the Pope, many will lose the faith, but as I have said, hear the voice of him who is truly the successor to the chair of Peter. The Pope is betrayed by his closest collaborators. There are few who have the courage of Peter, but many who have the courage of Judas. Pray! I repeat, Pray! The decisive time is coming. Those who are with the Lord will come out the better. All this must happen, but in the end the Lord will conquer. Courage! You are not alone. My Son goes with you. This is the message that I transmit to you in the name of The Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.


May 28, 1996. Message 1117

Dear Sons and Daughters, I also invite you to obey your ecclesiastical superiors. Don’t back away! Go to meet my Son Jesus. Pray! Pray for my beloved firstborn son, the Pope John Paul II. I want to tell you that the Church of my Jesus will pass through a crisis such as has never been seen since its foundation….


January 1, l997. Message 1210

Dear Sons and Daughters, Pray for the Church of my Jesus. It will suffer because of great persecutions. Many of my beloved children will turn against the Pope. There will be a great schism. True doctrine will be denied even by members of the hierarchy. Pray. The Church of my Jesus will be attacked, it will be the target of great attacks. Only the faithful, the true faithful, will remain firm. Don’t be frightened by what I say. You need to hear this so that when it happens you will remember that I foretold it. Don’t lose hope. You who are with me will be supported and protected….


January 4, 2005. Message 2465

Dear Sons and Daughters – There will be a great tempest, and the great vessel will be struck. Now is the time of the great tribulations I announced to you in the past.


January 8, 2005. Message 2467

Dear Sons and Daughters – When the king is taken off his throne a great battle will begin, and light will lose its brilliance.


January 11, 2005. Message 2468

Dear Sons and Daughters – A great city in ruins and there will no longer be a king in his throne. They say in vain, “gold is no longer gold.”


January 19, 2005. Message 2472

Dear Sons and Daughters – A well dressed man will enter into the house of God and will take a special place. The enemies of God will join him and will do great damage to all humanity. He will seem like a good man and will seduce many people. The rock will not be overcome because God is faithful to His promises. Put all your trust in The Lord. Those who faithfully follow the Gospel and accept My appeals will never experience the weight of defeat. Don’t lose heart.


March 19, 2005. Message 2497

Dear Sons and Daughters – A great ship will be on the high seas, and all aboard will be surprised by Christ in front of them. A divided reign and an empty chair. The existence of two kings will spread great confusion throughout the world, but God will come to the aid of His people. His chosen ones will not be left helpless. Trust in the Lord.


March 31, 2005. Message 2503

Dear Sons and Daughters – Pray also for the Church of My Son Jesus. By the decision of a proud man, holes will be made, but what is found will be the fruit of falsity. The true treasure is not buried. The devil will do everything to take you away from the truth, but pay attention. The truth of My Jesus is in the Gospel. Be careful.


April 12, 2005. Message 2507

Dear Sons and Daughters – The day will come when there will be contempt for the dogmas and many will have their faith shaken.


April 19, 2005. Message 2512

Dear Sons and Daughters – Pray for the new successor of Peter. With him, the Church will go forward, but will be persecuted by its enemies. The Holy Father will experience calvary, for many of his positions will be contrary to the enemies of the Church.


May 31, 2005. Message 2529

Dear Sons and Daughters, pray. … The palace will be surprised by a furious and bloody invasion by men with big beards. … . Know that there will be great changes in nature.


June 24, 2005. Message 2539

Dear Sons and Daughters – …. Its good to pray for the Pope Benedict XVI. A stone of stone will be broken.

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